Designing Minimal: Or how to complete projects
In this blog post, I will give you a method that will allow you to quickly complete projects. Ready? Go!
Define what complete means!
You can't complete a project if you don't know when to call it complete. Make a list of requirements where once they are all reached, the project is completed.
Design small!
Big projects are often just a collection of smaller projects glued together. Often, people will keep those projects in the same repository. The issue with this is it becomes hard to reason about which sub-project is completed and what are the missing requirements for the others. For this reason, split up your projects into *small and separated* projects that have a clear *list of requirements for completion*. An added benefit is that you avoid feature creep, where more and more features get added and the project can never "be completed".
If you want to complete projects, split it into smaller projects that each have a clear end goal.