I Press Keys on my Keyboard... A Lot
About Me: - Board Director and Tech Lead at Amethyst - Double Diploma in Computer Science - Open Source Contributor - Game Engine Developer - Game Developer - Minimalist - Avid Lover - Gamer - Leader of The Focks Cult - Tsar of Focksland and Protector of the Fockses Skills: - Game Dev - Web Backends - Data Mining - Linux System Administrator - Actually Reads The Fr*ckin Manual - Documentation Preparation (groff, excel, etc...) - Versatile! Primary Computer Languages: - Rust - Scala - Java - C# - C Game Engine Experience: - Amethyst (Core Engine Developer) - ScalEngine (Engine Author) - Unity - JMonkeyEngine - LWJGL
English CV: https://jojolepro.com/CVENJoelLupien.pdf French CV: https://jojolepro.com/CVFRJoelLupien.pdf Portfolio : https://jojolepro.com/PortfolioJoelLupien.pdf
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